Mission - Vision


The department’s duties are defined in article 29 of the statutory legislation number 124 on the higher education institutions and organization structure of higher education institutions. These are the four basic work areas of our department.

  1. To carry out studies on universities’ human resources planning and personnel policy, to give advice on the development of the personnel system.

  2. To carry out processes concerning the university staff’s assignments, brevity and retirement.

  3. To organize and carry out the administrative staff’s pre-service and in-service training.

  4. To carry out any duties of the same kind as above

Within this context our department defines the reason for its existence as follows: “To carry out our university’s personnel’s all brevity processes, to serve at the highest level with substantive training and technological facilities within a modern administrative mentality accepting Ataturk’s principles and reforms as its own”.



To be an entrepreneurial, dynamic department which improves the quality of its services, environmentally aware (economical), able to serve with the most advanced levels of technology within the framework of its duty definition.