Directorate of Personnel Affairs; The Decree Law on the Administrative Structure of Higher Education Institutions and the Administrative Organisation of Higher Education Institutions was published in the Official Gazette dated 21.11.1983 and numbered 18228. The administrative structure and functions of universities, including the Directorate of Personnel Affairs,  is described in the 7th section of article 26 of this decree . Similarly, Article 29 of the same decree outlines the duties of the Directorate of Personnel Affairs.

These are as follows:
  1. To carry out studies related to the University's human resources planning and policy, and to make recommendations for the improvement of the human resources system,

  2. To deal with matters relating to the appointment, personal affairs and retirement of University staff, 

  3. Organising and implementing pre-service and in-service training programmes for administrative staff 

  4. To perform other similar duties as may be assigned.


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